Be More Efficient At The Office

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Nine hours a day, usually five days a week of work. It sounds tiresome and it can come off as very exhausting, right? The days may seem dull and tedious that there are moments we feel less motivated and even affect how we perform at work. It is as if getting our job done is more difficult. This translates to lower productivity and may reflect on your ratings as an employee.However, there are some effort you can do to be more efficient, and read on to know how.

Time table

No, it is not the mere act of putting clocks on your table. It is about managing your time. Have a list of your duties and assignments and delegate a realistic time to work on these. And make it visible to you by putting up calendars on offices or personalized whiteboards that will display what are the stuff needed to be done. Then you won’t have to worry about forgetting or missing out on tasks and less cramming. Sticky notes or memo pads, planners, desktop or phone productivity apps, they also work too so you can be in charge and accountable at managing your time.

Reduce distractions

Often when we do something, we can’t help but pause for a moment and glance at our mobile phones. Though it’s not necessarily a bad habit, except when you excessively obsess yourself over the internet that it eats up the time supposed to be done for work. And when we miss the deadlines, we tend to hurry over the job and exhaust ourselves into finishing what must be done, which makes it more tiring. Therefore, remember to keep your eyes on the road. Minimize chatting with your co-workers or put your phones in a place not easy to reach. These may be little efforts, but it sure saves time.


There are tendencies that we can make a mess on our desk because we don’t have a system when we get our tasks done. Translation: no delegated paces for usual things needed on the desks such as documents, office supplies, even coffee mugs. And then when the clutter gets worse, we find it hard to work around the entropy that is in front of you, and might even lose important things in the towering piles of items. The good news is you don’t have to be obsessive-compulsive to organize your stuff. Just create a system in your workplace. Pens and pencils go into the pencil holder, memo pads are tacked on the soft board for office, documents are filed accordingly and by category, books are shelved upright. It makes your work flow more simple and convenient. You will actually save more energy, and have a pleasant and neat space to work with.

Nine hours a day and five days of work week. That may sound tiring, but if we just implement a little discipline, we never have to cram and be messy in the end. You might even impress your boss, or your nearby office mate. Keep in mind, manage your time, avoid distractions, and be organized. You will get more tasks done and boost your efficiency at work.